Dear Friends,

It is time for change in Washington. Like many of you, I am tired of the current partisan political games taking place there. Rather than catering to special interests and personal agendas, our political leaders should be serving the best interests of our country. All people not just the wealthy and well connected, deserve the attention of our leaders. 

Our great country may serve as an example to the rest of the world, but our leaders have yet to fulfill their responsibilities to their own citizens. Our economy is crumbling, our security has been comprised due to irresponsible foreign and military policy, and millions of our children lack adequate healthcare. 

In order to create positive change for all Americans, we must move past partisan political bickering towards responsible leadership and service that is accountable to the people. Join me in returning the values of Duty, Honor, and Country to Washington, and putting the future of America back in the hands of the average American.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to meeting you and hearing your concerns. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or vote for change, all of your help and support is greatly appreciated on our path to victory.


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